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Pegaxy: The Play2Earn Horse Racing game!

Pegaxy is a Play2Earn horse racing game that caught the attention of major guilds and players because of the great earnings the game had in the early weeks and months of it being launched.

Pegaxy is a play-to-earn PVP horse racing game in which users compete against 14 other racers for top three positions. Wind, water, fire, speed, and other elements are randomly assigned to each race. Players must place in the top three using clever improvements and skill in the future to win the platform's utility token, VIS (Vigorus).

Players can breed, combine, rent, sell, and, of course, race their Pega to earn VIS tokens in the game. This concept has shown to be a smart long-term economic approach for developing an NFT/Blockchain based game, since it allows teams to form large guilds, offer scholarship programs, and even allow single players to earn in-game tokens by racing every day.

The first 5,000 Founding Pega were sold in October 2021, in conjunction with the PGX launch via IDO in November. Because these were the only ones built by the Pegaxy Development team, the first 5,000 Pega were dubbed "Founding" Pega. Every Pega after #5,000 has been minted (produced) using the game's breeding model. Currently there are hundreds of thousands of Pegas being raced every single day by players and scholars.

Pegaxy is well-known in the industry for its trustless rental system innovation, on-chain technology, and well-balanced economics. Many people credit its success to the game's gameplay, staff transparency, and community interaction during development.

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