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Imperivm: Build your own Play2Earn kingdom!

Imperivm Is A Strategic MMO Fantasy Game Built On The Etherium And Polygon Blockchains. Discover A New Mystical Age And Put Your Soldiers To Fight In Epic Battles.

What Is IMPERIVM Exactly?

IMPERIVM is an Ethereum and Polygon blockchain-based strategic MMO fantasy game. The game is set in the Middle Ages, with imaginary animals and a significant Greek/Roman mythological influence. Each player will be in control of his or her own stronghold, which they must expand and staff in order to confront conflicts and vanquish opponents! Build your own kingdom and get as much soldiers ready to battle. Conquer the other kingdoms and make yours be the best one in Imperiuvm.

Is IMPERIVM Free To Play And Play To Earn?

Yes! IMPERIVM is a completely free game in which each player can embark on their own quest. Furthermore, the game is built around the "PLAY-TO-EARN" principle, which means you may earn money while having fun and destroying your opponents! Players can also buy NFTs and Land in the game in order to make your kingdom bigger and greater.

What Is The Use Of $IMP?

IMPERIVM is a deflationary ecosystem thanks to its native cryptocurrency ($IMP).

There will be several mechanics to it:

  1. In game stakes

  2. Burn programming

  3. In game commerce

And much more coming!

What to Expect?

The game was created with big goals in mind. "We will take the game to large international tournaments with IMPERIVM, with additional modes created just for the game, competitions, races, leagues, and much more will be available" Are some words of the team members. The game has a great potential future with these strategic games being very popular as shown in the past with traditional gaming. If you combine it with a Play2Earn aspect as we are seeing now it could attract many players.

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