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Undead Blocks: The first Play2Earn zombie killer game.

Undead Blocks is the Ethereum Network's first multiplayer kill-to-earn zombie survival game. This game has caught the eyes of many by creating something that was not yet seen in the Play2Earn space and of course by having partners like Animoca Brands.

The goal of Undead Blocks developers is to bring console quality to crypto, by guaranteeing to deliver a play2earn game that players would actually enjoy playing and of course earning with it.

Some limited players have already been granted Beta access in order to test out the game and explore everything it has to offer. The full game will launch in May.

What is the use of Undead?

$UNDEAD is used to purchase weapon NFTs in the Undead Blocks ecosystem and used for ecosystem governance.

What is the use of ZBUX?

$ZBUX is the reward currency in the Undead Blocks ecosystem and is backed by $UNDEAD token.

In Undead Blocks you can collect and upgrade your weapon NFTs to increase damage, ammo capacity, and accuracy.

Kill zombies, survive and Earn $ZBUX! Gather your group and prepare to face unending waves of undead zombies!

Players will be able to encounter unending rounds of zombies in Solo Mode and also in Multiplayer. This means you can play this game with your friends!

You can also use your favorite keyboard, mouse or controllers, and Stake UNDEAD tokens to earn UNDEAD and special weapons! Being able to offer this as a game is someting new in the space. With players being able to play using their favorite controller or mouse will bring some big gamers into the scene.

Players and Guilds will be able to rent out guns what makes this game very attractive for a lot of people, communities, guilds and investors.

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