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Rebel Bots: The Play2Earn game you have to keep on your radar.

Rebel Bots is a Play2Earn game that caught the eyes of many because of the projects potential and investors behind it like Ubisoft, Animoca Brands and Overwolf amongst others.

Rebel Bot's Xoil Wars is the first game in the series, and it's a sci-fi-themed strategic and survival game. The players purpose is to fight other bots using robot machinery in exchange for cryptocurrency. Because your opponents all want to defeat you, you must create the finest robot combination possible to increase your chances of success.

Adventure and Multiplayer are the two game modes available. Players combat evil aliens and participate in daily activities to win Xoil in the Adventure Mode. The Multiplayer Mode is commonly known as the PvP mode. Players compete against one another for resources and to climb the leaderboards. Players can use the resources they earn in NFTs to upgrade their bots.

The first Rebel Bots event was completely sold out.

In August, the NFTs are available on the largest marketplace, OpenSea. The proceeds from the sale were sufficient to construct an interactive community gaming system. The rarity of NFTs attract buyers, and this was a major factor in the selling of the first Rebel Bots NFT collection.

In May 2022, the game will debut a fresh collection of 150,000 land plots on the Rebel Bots website, which players can purchase for 0.025 ETH ($75) in the public sale.

The in-game NFTs have a variety of applications. Users can establish their own kingdom in the game and challenge their friends to combat.

To become the most powerful kingdom, users must compete with other kingdoms for domination and Xoil resources. According to the rarity of the Rebel Bot, kingdoms come in various sizes and have limited land plots.

In Q2 2022, the P2E game will be released on both online and mobile platforms.

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